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Constitution of the Organization
Pigma Sti

April 25, 1974


The name of this organization shall be Pigma Sti and all affiliates, sub-orders, and sub-organizations of the organization shall bear the same label for the prefix.


The purpose of this organization shall be to promote a special type of brotherhood and fellowship between members and non-members, to achieve personal goals, attains points of satisfaction, live to fullest potential, and never to ignore the needs of our fellow members or those outside the organization who require our services.


No one officer holds position over any other and each member holds a chair position and vote as long as he is a member. Such examples of chair positions are:

Athletics Photographics Political Art & Publicity
Activities Organizational Financial Travel
Aquatics Architectural Recreational Mechanics
Relations Special Interests Extension Records


All business matters, plans, propositions and designs are settled by general vote and/or general agreement.


Membership is offered to an individual after his relationship to the organization is established; general consideration and agreement amongst members finalizes his enterance into the group.


The members of Pigma Sti reserve all rights and posers to change and/or add any and all parts, sub-parts, and articles to this constitution.


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