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Mike's Memorial


The men's, independent, social service organization known as Pigma Sti was officially (more or less) founded on September 7, 1972.

The purpose of this organization is to promote a special type of brotherhood and fellowship between members and non-members, to achieve personal goals, attains points of satisfaction, live to fullest potential, and never to ignore the needs of our fellow members or those outside the organization who require our services.

The charter members lived in the 1st floor, east wing, of Marlatt Hall at Kansas State University. Members were inducted into the organization in a meaningful ceremony conducted at the classy [name redacted]* lounge in downtown Manhattan, KS. Upon induction, certain privileges and responsibilities were bestowed to the member. Each member:

bulletShall be proclaimed and accepted in the unorganized and respected organization of Pigma Sti.
bulletShall enjoy all the dubious honor, unpredictable power and disputable status accompanying this hallowed recognition.
bulletShall be able to hold his head high, keep his shoulders back, and have a smile on his face that the world will always admire but probably never understand (or want to).

So be it from the beginning to now...and from this day forward!

*Anybody have any idea what the name was?




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